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May 25-28, 2018


Our Story


Why You should play matchmaker

Micah and Ashley were set up on a blind meet-up by mutual friends, Greg and Crystal Angelo at the infamous LA sports bar, Barney's Beanery.  After catching Crystal’s wedding bouquet, the preordained couple shared a first date consisting of take-out Thai food over episodes of West Wing.  Seven years of traveling the far reaches of the world, learning to snowboard together, watching the sunrise from our art-car at Burning Man’s Black Rock Desert, snowshoeing in the Sequoias, and rescuing two now very entitled cats, we're ready to turn this fling into the 'real deal.'


Arrive, Relax, Explore


The foundation of our loving relationship is built on the incredible people around us. We love you all so much, that a single evening would not be enough, so we want to spend the entire weekend with you in the heart of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains!  We have reserved a 500-Acre retreat for the 2018 Memorial Day Weekend, and invite you to spend the holiday weekend with us hiking, canoeing, tubing, ziplining, or just relaxing with a great book by the lake. 

Arrive & Relax & Explore

Friday, May 25, 2018 (after 2pm) - Saturday, May 26, 2018
Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing
11176 Peaceful Valley Road
New Castle, VA

Rehearsal dinner

All are invited to attend.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The "I Do's" & Reception

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fond Farewell

Monday, May 28, 2018
Morning Brunch

Pack up, exchange numbers, & wipe away your tears
Time to head home



AccomModations + Travel

As the wedding events will be taking place throughout the entire weekend, we have a number of weekend accommodation options available for all needs and budgets. Please use our website to access Wedding Block discount rates for rooms.

There are flights available directly to Roanoke Airport, which is convenient to the major hotel blocks reserved. In addition, cheaper flights are available through Dulles International Airport. However, please allow 4 hours of driving from Dulles to the venue.

Although the limited on-site accommodations are currently filled, we do recommend a variety of the hotel and lodging options below. There will be select roundtrip shuttles arranged to take guests from Hotel Roanoke and the Holiday Inn to Wilderness Adventure on Saturday and Sunday before the Ceremony.

*Please note, for all of our guests who plan to stay off-site, Wilderness Adventure charges a $50 meal fee to cover all non-event meals from Friday - Monday. 

[Lodges are Filled. BUT Camp sites are still Available. Contact Wilderness Adventure directly to reserve]

The 500 acre retreat is equipped with numerous well-prepared campsites. These sites are equipped with nearby fully-equipped bathrooms and showers to allow for easy rugged-to-refined attire change. (Camping is provided at no cost and includes all non-event meals for the weekend. Limited quantities of rental tents and sleeping bags are available through Wilderness Adventure at a small fee. Please contact the venue for arrangements. Tent-campers will receive a special Ashley + Micah survival kit, full of fun surprises.)

At over 100 years old, the Hotel Roanoke is one of the premiere hotels in Roanoke. Run by Hilton, it features Southern elegance and history combined with the modern amenities of a high class hotel. ($169 per night. 45 minutes from the Wedding)

Big Pine Trout Farm is located approximately 15 minutes from the venue and features a charming lodge with 3 private bedrooms and a host of comfortable amenities. ($300 per night)

Conveniently located in the heart of Roanoke with all the classic comfort and service you come to expect from a Holiday Inn at an affordable rate. 
($109.95 per night. Include Block Code "SBW"- 45 minutes from the Wedding)

The Depot Lodge is located in Paint Bank, Virginia about 40 minutes away from the venue and features a variety of charming and creative lodges, rooms, and small houses to stay for the weekend. Ever slept in a fully-furnished train car? They have one available, as well as many more elegant and traditional options.

There are a limited number of beds in the rustic lodges on location with us at the Retreat for the full weekend at a small fee. Please note for those staying on-site, a private room cannot be guaranteed. 

In addition to these nice options, there are a number of charming Bed + Breakfasts located in the area. Below is a link to a list of some of the options around. 



    Packing List

    Hi everyone,

    We can't wait to see you!  Please be sure to pack the following in addition to whatever else you plan on bringing:

    - A Towel

    - Toilettries (and hairdryer if you plan on using one)

    - Sunscreen

    - Bug Spray

    - An Umbrella and/or Poncho

    - A flashlight

    - A Swimsuit


    GPS can sometimes lead you astray along the journey and there is  NO CELL SERVICE  last 25 minutes of the drive, so please print out these directions or have them handy on your drive.




    On New Year's Day in 2015, we were engaged in St. Petersburg, Russia after a night of fireworks, ballet, and a walk over the frozen river Neva. Russia holds a special place in our hearts, which is why we will be revisiting the country by way of the Trans Siberian Railway. Help us make this special journey across Russia, Mongolia, and China.